Going beyond biosimilars

At Accord BioPharma, we’re never content with the status quo.

Our mission is to look beyond the biology of medicine, to see disease from the perspective of each stakeholder involved in the treatment journey, and to meet their needs with our products.

We’re focused on specialty pharmaceutical brands that aim to deliver enhancements over standard medicines, such as the way in which medicines are delivered, to help make the treatment experience better for all involved. We think beyond the expected, delivering high-quality oncology, immunology, and critical care therapies—with a humanizing twist.

We’re always analyzing the marketplace, holistically examining treatment options, and considering how we can take a product that’s currently available and fine tune it to deliver it in a more cost-effective or consumer-friendly way.

Our Culture

We want to be recognized as a company that does it right. The right approach, the right improvements, the right medicines delivered in the right way at the right time. It’s the foundation of who we are. It’s our culture. And it has been this way since the formation of our parent company, Intas Pharmaceuticals, in 1976.

As one of the pioneers and market leaders of biosimilars, having launched its first product in India in 2004, Intas has long been ahead of the game in this space. Backed by the foundation they have built, we are able to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset with the resources and manufacturing capabilities to bring our insights and ideas to fruition.

At a glance

Privately Owned

Pharmaceutical company with rapid decision-making and a focus on long-term returns

Oncology Leader

~30% volume share of major chemotherapy molecules in key geographies

Biologic Experts

Developing, manufacturing, and marketing biologics for more than 20 years with one of India’s largest r-protein fermentation capacities

Vertical Integration

From development, clinical research, manufacturing, regulatory, commercial and fully developed back office


Pharmaceutical Focus

$2.5B global sales FY2022

Global Presence

Sales derived from 85+ countries with ~60% from EU and U.S.

Accessible Resource

19,000+ employees including 7,500+ commercial staff globally

Scale and Diversity

14,000 MAs in a myriad of dose forms including biologics and brands


Strong R&D

560+ scientists involved in product development across the globe

Strong Branded Pipeline

Portfolio and pipeline comprising 50+ brands by 2024

One-Stop Shop​

Partner of choice for leading developers wanting to access full infrastructure in major markets


Animal Health

Ranked number two in India, expanding strong foundations to become a leading differentiated products player in the global animal health market

Blood Plasma

Leaders in fractionation in India and looking to expand in the global market in the near term

Accord BioPharma London

Establishing a Center of Excellence with state-of-the-art facilities for supporting R&D activities in biosimilars, ADCs, and novel biologics

Investment in Growth

Over $450M investment in sites and new initiatives

Our company’s president,
Chrys Kokino, has set the tone for our organizational approach.

Chrys has worked in the industry since the inception of biosimilars. While he initially sought to preserve the uniqueness and innovation of originator biologic drugs, Chrys’ mindset progressed to the point where he instead began working to establish the legitimacy, efficacy, and potential financial benefit of biosimilars. And his evolved thinking and vision for biosimilars is mirrored in Accord BioPharma’s approach, our senior leaders, and everyone at the company.

Our corporate foundation is built on three pillars: enhance the patient experience, enhance the customer experience, and provide value to the entire healthcare system. Biosimilars are just one way we’re achieving that vision.

The promise of biosimilars

Biosimilars are uniquely positioned to provide value to each key stakeholder in our healthcare system. But there are several key considerations that these groups—namely, patients, prescribers, payers, and specialty pharmacies—must be aware of to help biosimilars unlock their full potential. If all involved groups can understand the potential value of these medicines, recognize and ignore misinformation, and educate each other on what actions they would need to undertake, everyone can benefit from the savings biosimilars create.1

Just how much could that total? The biosimilars that have entered the market have launched with initial list prices anywhere from 15% to 35% lower than their biologic competitors.2 And a recent study from the Association for Accessible Medicines reveals generic and biosimilar drugs together generated a record $408 billion in savings for America’s patients and healthcare system in 2022.3 Increased adoption of biosimilars could significantly increase savings.

Learn more

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For more on the impact biosimilars can create and Accord BioPharma’s story, visit the following pages:

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