At Accord BioPharma, we think beyond the expected.
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At Accord BioPharma, we think beyond the expected.
We think first about collaboration and clever solutions, not products and workflows
We think about our patients’ lives and their perspectives, not just medicine and disease
We think of doctors and clinicians as trusted partners, not as transactions
We think we can deliver quality therapies that are both affordable and accessible
We think about what comes before and after treatment, not just the drug
We think Beyond Biology

We go beyond biology, delivering high-quality oncology, immunology, and critical care therapies—with a humanizing twist—ensuring that the patient experience is at the core of everything we do.


How do we go beyond biology? We put people at the center of all we do. That includes our experienced team of innovative thinkers who observe current treatments, ask questions, and explore the opportunities to improve.


Our business focuses on patient-centric therapies with the goal of improving the patient experience from beginning to end.

More Ways We Care

Accord BioPharma is committed to helping patients gain access to the medicines they need. To emphasize this commitment, Accord BioPharma has created the AccordCares program.

This program offers support and resources to patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Key offerings available for eligible patients through the AccordCares program include Co-pay Assistance, Patient Assistance, Benefits Investigation, Prior Authorization, Billing and Coding Information, and Alternate Coverage Identification.

The AccordCares program supports patients who are being treated by a licensed U.S. healthcare provider and prescribed an Accord BioPharma medicine. Patient must meet eligibility requirements to participate in Co-pay Assistance and Patient Assistance Programs.

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