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We take our therapies beyond biology with a unique perspective and innovative thinking.

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Developed with not only deep understanding of the disease state, but also of our patients’ experiences—it is our mission to bring together all we know, not just for today’s therapies, but for all we plan to deliver next.

It is our belief that if we can impact the future of oncology, immunology, and critical care, we can impact the future for patients.

With a pipeline of specialty products designed for patient needs, we’re finding ways to reimagine therapies and help those who depend on their continued evolution.

This attention to our patients, their abilities, and care goals is our approach, and our difference. It’s how we continue to challenge the status quo for patient and provider expectations in oncology, immunology, and critical care.

The medicine may be where it starts, but in order to enhance the patients’ experience, we must deliver therapies that go beyond just the medicine, beyond biology.

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Taking Therapy Beyond Medicine

The patient experience doesn’t begin or end with medicine.

It’s a compendium of clinical experience, compassionate personal interaction, and education. Which is why Accord BioPharma is partnering with StoryMD to provide physicians compelling and personally curated content for patients at the point-of-care.

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